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Excavations with Dingo Nick cover just about everything that you can do with an excavator or bobcat. From large landscaping projects to planting holes, soil screening to drainage trenches and soak pits. Dingo Nick is your "go to" team for solutions to nearly all your residential and rural property excavation projects.


Let the Dingo Nick team take the hard work out of hard landscaping. We build brick and paving patios and paths. Retaining walls, timber decks, pergolas, raised gardens and garden edging. Limestone rock walls. Gabions. Earth bunds and water courses.


Dingo Nick will work with you to achieve your landscape vision whatever it may be. We have excellent working relationships with Wairarapa's best landscape designers and builders, and will manage the project from start to finish.

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Do you have a pile of soil out the back (or front) of your property? Usually left over from excavations done during construction, we see these piles all the time. More often than not, that pile is hiding some quite usable topsoil - perfect for landscape projects around your house, or in the installation of a new lawn.


At 1.4m wide by 4.5m long, Dingo Nick’s Attach2 Ultra 550 soil screen is able to fit into many tight areas, making it perfect for urban and semi rural situations where space can sometimes be limited. It is able to process up to 15T per hour depending on the condition of the soil being screened. The extraction rate from loose, dry, weed free soil is  a lot higher than damp, heavy, weed infested soils.

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Good drainage around your home and property should be of high priority if you’re planning to improve and maintain your section. Missing or leaky downpipes, no soak pits, clay soil - these are just some of the reasons your property may be unusually wet.


Dingo Nick has the equipment to get you rolling on your next drainage project, and can help you to come up with solutions to your drainage problems around the property - be they soak pits, drainage channels, lawn drainage, missing downpipes, or boggy parts of your section.

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Got a trench to dig? Forget the spade! Dingo Nick has two options, ranging from a neat and narrow 150mm trench done with the trenching chain attachment, or a wider trench using the mini digger which has either a 300mm or 450mm bucket - great for services such as phone, power, and water. Other uses for the trenching bar include trenches for concrete footings and shelter belt planting, saving you time.


While the trenching bar is narrow, it is extremely fast. It is able to reach speeds of up to 100m/hr in good conditions. It also leaves the soil piled up neatly on either side of the trench, making it really easy to fill back in.

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Pile holes, post holes, tree planting holes, holes for all occasions!


Planting holes for a new hedge? We can have one hundred  350mm  wide by 400mm deep holes done for you in just over an hour. Now that is darn quick!


Dingo Nick has four augers - 250mm, 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm in diameter. Dingo Nick’s augers will save you time and money. You don’t want to be digging hundreds of tree planting holes by hand, nor do you want to spend the hours it can take to dig post and pile holes.


Depending on the soil and stone content, Dingo Nick can drill you a hole up to 3m deep by 600mm wide in a matter of minutes.

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