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Hydroseeding your new lawn or lawn renovation has many benefits versus hand / dry seeding options. This is especially the case in the Wairarapa.



Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a biodegradable slurry of lawn turf seed and paper fibre mulch onto the ground which will eventually form a thick, uniform sward of grass. More often than not we recommend hydroseeding to our clients because of the superior performance and convenience of this product versus traditional dry seeding.


The features and benefits of hydroseeding in the Wairarapa include:


  • Easy and effective watering.
  • Great resistance to strong and drying winds.
  • Resistant to wash outs.
  • Rapid establishment of seed*.
  • Better germination thus less patchy*.
  • Cost effective solution vs. ready lawn.
  • No dust and seed blowing around.


      * Where effective watering regime has been in place. Results will vary greatly with infrequent or

          ineffective watering.








Hydroseeding ensures an even spread of the seed and additives across the soil which gives the seed its best chance at germinating.


Wairarapa can have some pretty harsh spring weather - especially troublesome are the gusty and sometimes gale force north-westerlies. These can be highly destructive to a dry seeded lawn, blowing seed into corners and paths resulting in an uneven and often patchy lawn.


Hydroseeding protects the seed from the harsh elements through the use of a paper fibre mulch which keeps the seed in place. Strong wind or  heavy rain events that would normally cause problems for a dry seeded lawn are no longer an issue. The mulch also contains wetting agent mixed in to help with situations where there is the potential for infrequent watering or very dry conditions to occur.




Sometimes a more cost effective solution for getting a great lawn is to renovate your existing one. Hydroseeding over an existing lawn is an excellent way to achieve this with fantastic results. Our renovation process and specialised machinery could have your tired old lawn looking like new in 2 or 3 weeks! All you have to do is add water!