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A beautiful backdrop for your garden or a family playground - however you look at lawns, they are a big part of how people see your place.


Laying new lawns and lawn renovations are what Dingo Nick does best. Call or email us today to get the ball rolling on your latest lawn project.

“With a major project on our hands, fortunately through a friend we heard of Dingo Nick’s expertise in landscaping.


Nick came out, looked at the project, explaining how he would approach the work and then gave us a competitive quote. Within two weeks he had commenced work.


This involved laying a tennis court and contouring the lawns to a long curving driveway.


He and his staff were efficient, competent and very interested in the project.


The work was completed within the 5 days specified in the contract and really was a superb piece of landscaping.


We will definitely use Nick to do the remainder of the landscaping work when alterations to the house are completed.”


- Gavin M., Rangitumau.

"You and your staff have been great to deal with. We greatly appreciated your advice and expertise and the results speak for themselves."


-Steve and Yve F., Masterton


Imagine going out in the morning and coming home to a beautiful contoured section by dinner time. Sown with seed and ready to grow.


Dingo Nick can lay most suburban new lawns in a day.


The secret lies in the speed and efficiency of our specialised lawn preparation equipment. Forget lumbering tractors with clumsy rotary hoes hanging out the back. Our attachments can turn rough uneven ground into a backyard cricket pitch in one pass. Stoney, thatchy ground is no problem.


Installing a new lawn gives you the opportunity to refresh the soil and correct any imperfections such as pooling/puddling, drainage and levels. Our rotary hoe can mix sand, gypsum and organic matter into the soil. This greatly improves the soil structure which leads to a much more resilient lawn.


If your lawn is patchy, uneven and full of weeds, Dingo Nick can breathe new life into it with a range of solutions.


A lawn renovation program can range from a single ‘do everything’ visit, to a more structured and seasonal approach spread out over several visits during the year. Typically our lawn renovation service consists of one or more of the following depending on your situation:


  • Pest and weed identification / spraying
  • Lawn coring / aerating
  • Lawn scarifying / thatch removal
  • Oversowing
  • Fertilising
  • Moss control
  • Top dressing / filling in dips
  • Soil Analysis