Established twenty years ago, Dingo Nick has grown steadily to become Wairarapa’s leading landscape contractor.

Owned and operated by father and son, Nick and Marty Dench, Dingo Nick is staffed by a small team with specialist knowledge in turf establishment and maintenance, artificial turf, amenity horticulture, paving, landscape construction and irrigation.

We specialise in big jobs in small places.

Our main work is turning building sites into lovely gardens and all that it involves – lawns, driveways, paths, paving, pebbles etc. We’ve created public parks and playgrounds, drained paddocks and crafted beautiful private ponds. We’ve made tennis courts, croquet lawns, golf greens and petanque courts. We even cleaned out covered sheep yards from time to time!

We operate two trucks, two excavators, a tracked bobcat, a Dingo mini loader, iDig 2D grade system, 2.5T CAT combi road roller, soil screen and other specialised turf machinery.

We are based in Waingawa, Carterton and work Wairarapa wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lawn cost to sow?

This depends on the size of the lawn, access for trucks and machinery, whether it is flat or on a steep slope, whether there is a need for topsoil to be brought in and a raft of other factors. We are always available to come and look at your site and give you an estimate.

Do you do landscaping plans?

While we have the training and experience to help with basic design and plant selection, we see ourselves as contractors rather than designers. We have excellent relationships with a number of leading qualified landscape architects and are happy to introduce you to them. You will be surprised at how little they cost and the great ideas they have.

How long do I have to water my lawn for?

This is the most important question we get asked because inadequate watering is the number one reason why lawns fail. Go to our Watering Instructions page for a complete guide. If you are still unsure, we can help you set up a temporary automatic watering system.

When do I cut my lawn for the first time?

Generally speaking, you won’t have to worry about this because we like to do the first cut for you. If for some reason that can’t happen, then wait until the lawn is 80mm – 100mm long. Then cut only 20-30mm off. Pick up the clippings with a catch for the first mow. Leaving clippings on a lawn will result in soggy yellow patches where the grass has clumped.

Why is my lawn full of weeds?

Good question! If it’s a new lawn that’s just been sown it will be because the lawn was not watered adequately. Grass seed will outgrow weeds if watered properly and suppress weed growth. If grass seed does not get enough water, then the weeds will grow faster and smother the grass.

The main cause of weeds in established lawns is cutting the grass too short. This dries out the soil, slows down or kills the grass and the weeds take over.

We can repair the damage for you by loosening the soil, topdressing and oversowing. This cost is covered by the client.

Why choose us

  • Timely, detailed estimates
  • Staff with relevant qualifications and experience
  • Modern well maintained plant and equipment
  • Well established stable business
  • Committed to health & safety in our workplace
  • Hundreds of successful projects and happy customers

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