Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a biodegradable slurry of lawn turf seed and paper fibre mulch onto the ground which will eventually form a thick, uniform sward of grass. More often than not we recommend hydroseeding to our clients because of the superior performance and convenience of this product versus traditional dry seeding.

The features and benefits of hydroseeding in the Wairarapa include:

  • Easy and effective watering
  • Great resistance to strong and drying winds
  • Resistant to washouts
  • Rapid establishment of seed
  • Better germination thus less patchy
  • Cost-effective solution vs. ready lawn
  • No dust and seed blowing around

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  • Timely, detailed estimates
  • Staff with relevant qualifications and experience
  • Modern well maintained plant and equipment
  • Well established stable business
  • Committed to health & safety in our workplace
  • Hundreds of successful projects and happy customers

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